Outside Magazin Hydrapak Review

"For those who hate letting an empty water bottle take up valuable pack space, Stash bottles are an ingeniously simple solution."
- Outside Magazine

Women's Health Hydrapak Review

2015 Fitness Awards Best Water Bottle: Hydrapak SoftFlask™
"You guys are like Goldilocks: You want a vessel that's not too big, not too small, and not a pain to deal with on runs. Fairy-tale hydration wishes, granted. Made of ultra-lightweight plastic, the SoftFlask squishes down to the size of a tennis ball. Stash anywhere."
- Women's Health

Grind TV Hydrapak Review

"We need water to survive. What we don’t need are the bulky, backpack-real-estate-stealing bottles we usually carry said water in. Enter the Hydrapak Stash, a collapsible, soft-walled water bottle that folds up flat—so you can fill it up when you need it and stash it almost anywhere when you’re done."
- Grind TV

Examiner Hydrapak Review

"The clever design of the Hydrapak Stash water bottle is innovative and offers significant space savings when empty. Hikers, backpackers, cyclists and others in the mountains and valleys of the Sierra who value lightweight, compact equipment will appreciate the benefits of the soft collapsible water bottle."

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