Shape-Shift™ Reservoir 3L

Shape-Shift™ Reservoir 3L


Our largest reservoir, the 3L Shape-Shift™ is perfect for those who need more capacity out of their hydration system.


Our largest reservoir, the 3L Shape-Shift™ is perfect for those who need more capacity out of their hydration system.

Simple, flexible, and ultra-durable, the Hydrapak® Shape-Shift™ Reservoir can turn any pack into a hydration machine. The center baffle keeps a lower profile, enhances stability, and reduces sloshing when on the go. The patented wide slide top opening allows for fast filling and a leak-proof seal. It is the only reservoir on the market that is fully reversible, which makes cleaning and drying a breeze. Featured in over 40 performance brands, it’s easy to see why this universal replacement reservoir is the top choice in hands-free hydration.


  • Shape-Shift™ 3L Reservoir - lock baffle for slim profile, unlock for volume
  • Slide-Seal™ Top - opens wide and seals tight
  • Blaster™ Valve - silicone, high flow bite-valve with twist shut off
  • Plug-N-Play™ Connector - quick disconnect for convenient tube removal
  • Quantum Clip™ - magnetic tube fastener set
  • Can be frozen or filled with warm water (max temp 140°F / 60°C)
  • Inline filtration compatible
  • Reversible and anti-microbial to prevent bacteria & mold
  • 100% BPA and PVC Free
  • Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use, No-Leak™ Lifetime Guarantee


CAPACITY: 100 fl oz / 88 fl oz baffled
WEIGHT: 5.7 oz (162 g)
DIMENSIONS: 17 x 6.5 x .8 in (44 x 16.5 x 2 cm)

Care Instructions

Rinse before use. Reverse to clean and dry after each use. Dishwasher safe (top rack recommended).

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Customer Reviews


Great product, easy to clean.

Used in hot temperatures and frequently depend on extra water to carry in the field. Recommend for any outdoor activities.

Carlson // April 3, 2016


From Sweden

I love, love, love, love, love it!! I use it when hiking, skiing, sailing, at work.... I bring it with me everywhere. :)

Louise // February 18, 2016


Great product

I use my Shape-Shift Reservoir every day. I fill it up in the morning and take it with me to work in my hydration backpack. I always have enough water with its 3 Liter capacity. No problems at all after using every day for almost a year.

North Dakotan // December 5, 2015

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